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FREE Prescription Glasses for JK Kids

Eye See Eye Learn ® program

Remember what it was like to be in school?  Let’s throw it back even further….how about when you were just getting “hooked on phonics” and learning that a noun and verb are not the same thing (unless you’re Google, of course).  Now imagine not being able to see the chalkboard clearly or seeing blurry words and pictures in a book sitting 2 feet in front of you.  This is especially frustrating for a child in the middle of learning and developing their basic academic skills.  Did you know:

·  More than 1 in 4 children in Ontario have vision issues, but only 1 in 10 have had their eyes checked by an Optometrist before reaching the age of four.

·  Many of the 25% of kids with undetected vision problems consequently get misdiagnosed with a learning disability or behavioural issues

·  80% of learning for children happens directly through vision

Thankfully, the Ontario Association of Optometrists (OAO) along with the Eye See...Eye Learn® program partnered together with OGI Eyewear and Nikon Lenses Canada to help ensure vision problems are not an obstacle to a young child’s learning.

The Eye See...Eye Learn® program works with participating Optometrists to detect, diagnose and treat vision problems by providing free comprehensive eye exams and one free pair of eye glasses to children entering Junior Kindergarten.  Children with a valid Ontario Health card may get an eye exam covered annually until the age of 19.  Our Optometrists at Liberty Village Eye Care are excited to participate in this program and to also offer Junior Kindergarten kids a brand new pair of OGI eye glasses (including prescription lenses) at no charge to help them achieve their full learning potential.  Liberty Village Eye Care has a wide selection of OGI frames for parents and kids to choose from (a few styles are pictured below).  This non-profit program is perfect for the little ones to help set them up for success in learning and after-school activity such as sports, dance, music, etc.  We at Liberty Village Eye Care know that giving back is always in style!  Check out our Quick Links on the right side of our homepage for more details on eligibility.  

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