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Eye See Eye Learn Program

About Eye See…Eye Learn®

The Optometrists at Liberty Village Eye Care are proud to be a part of the Eye See…Eye Learn® program which provides a FREE comprehensive eye exam (covered under OHIP) to kindergarten children. If corrective glasses are required, they will also receive one FREE pair of brand new prescription eyeglasses donated by Nikon Lenswear, OGI and Liberty Village Eye Care (value estimated over $250). We have a great selection of OGI Kids frames for you and your child to choose from.

To qualify for the Eye See…Eye Learn® program, a child must meet the following:

  • Be in Junior Kindergarten since 2014 or entering Junior Kindergarten in 2015
  • Born in 2010 = qualifies until June 30, 2015 / Born 2011 = qualifies as of July 1, 2015
  • Junior Kindergarten includes: Public or Private schools, Separate School Board, Daycare, Montessori & Homeschool
  • Have not had an eye exam covered under OHIP within the last 12 months

The Eye See…Eye Learn® program was developed to raise awareness among parents of the importance of having their children’s eyes checked upon starting school. Unfortunately, thousands of children start school each year without ever having an eye exam to assess their vision and eye health. Unlike adults, young children cannot determine for themselves if their vision is impaired or not. More than 1 in 4 children in Ontario have a vision problem and often times this results in a misdiagnosed learning disability or behavioral issue as they are unable to focus properly. Since 80% of classroom learning is done through sight, the main focus of the Eye See…Eye Learn® program and participating Optometrists are to detect, diagnose and treat vision issues in order for children to reach their full learning potential.

Feel free to contact us at (416) 588-8688 to schedule an appointment for your child(ren) or if you have any questions. To learn more about the Eye See…Eye Learn® program, visit the website: